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Testimonial 2 – A miracle in Wonders of Light Therapy? 我的客戶.您的見證 - 2.一次見效的奇蹟光學療程?

Updated: May 17, 2019

This is an authentic testimonial of our clients and we have obtained their consents to publish.

No one could guess that Lena’s at the ripe age of 65 unless we tell them so! A veteran of the industry with 45 years under her belt, Lena has experience with all kinds of facial treatments, particularly those involving the deft hands of a technician. She had never thought of experiencing Light Therapy on her own, assuming that it’s just another fad. But with our genuine belief that Oneness’s signature treatment can effect significant change, she was finally convinced and were honoured to have her here to speak for the miraculous change she had experienced.

Wonders of Light deals with three kinds of skin problems all at once, with effects taking charge 3-4 times quicker than traditional therapy. Tailoring to our clients’ needs, our experienced beauticians identify the best wavelength and intensity, allowing immediate change to take effect. This is just like Omakase for facial treatment!

With Lena’s case, we have deployed light of 640nm, delivered in pulses to stimulate fibreblast, and reducing wrinkles around her eyes. The direct 515nm lasers K.O.-ed the age spots that has plagued Lena for 20 years, and to top it off, Pico-laser cleared up all the stubborn pigments at the deepest layers of her skin.

Daily Technique comes with massage to relax the fascia and lymphatic nodes, and light therapy complements its gaps, dealing with vessels, pigments and encouraging collagen growth.

If you are just as curious as Lena about light therapy, give us a call at 21114409 or text us on WhatsApp at 60111619!


如果我地唔講,根本無人知Lena已經65歲!Lena縱橫美容行業超過45年,係一位資深的人手facial治療師,佢自己就從來無諗過要試光學美容,不過俾我地的誠意感動了,所以今日有幸邀請到前輩作出了佢對我地嘅皇牌 - 奇蹟光學療程的第一次的嘗試,只係一次的療程,效果連Lena都感到震驚!

奇蹟光學療程每次會幫客人處理三種皮膚問題 - 每一次都會根據客人的需要,由資深治療顧問選擇合適的波長及能量,好似Omakase,效果仲要比傳統光學療程快三至四倍!

今次採用的是640nm , 連環脈沖刺激纖維膜細胞,達致眼紋的明顯進步。一擊即中的515 nm 波長一次K.O.跟了20年的老人斑。最後採用了皮秒科技,針對頑固的深層色素!



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