Wonders of Light Therapy 

奇 蹟 光 學 療 程

Solve Multiple Skin Concerns in ONE GO


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Why Wonders of Light Therapy ?
​為什麼選擇奇蹟光學療程 ?

Tailored to address a range of skin concerns in one go


Gain your confidence back with just a few treatments


A fast “lunch-time” treatment with no downtime

療程時間只需15 - 30分鐘

Noticeable results for overall skin appearance


A complete skin rejuvenation solution


How the treatment improves my skin appearance?


Age spots

After 3 treatments.

After 8 treatments.

Courtesy of Hiroki Kanda, MD

Individual results and experience may vary.

Post acne, Rosacea, Scar

After 3 treatments.

After 8 treatments.

Traumatic Scar

After 3 treatments.

After 3.5 months.

Skin rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation

What does it treat ?


Acne 暗瘡

Sun Spots 太陽斑

Dullness 膚色暗淡

Dry Eye 乾眼症

Flabby Skin 鬆弛

Pigmentation 色斑

Acne Scars 暗瘡印

Broken Capillaries 微絲血管

Enlarged Pores 毛孔粗大

Freckles 雀斑

Scars 疤痕

Vascular lesions 血管擴張

Age Spots 老人斑

Dark Eye Circle 黑眼圈

Wrinkles 細紋皺紋

Rosacea 玫瑰痤瘡

Sensitive Skin 敏感肌膚

Uneven Texture 膚粗糙 


What Should I Expect ?


How does it work ?

療程的原理是什麼 ? 


The Treatment System


Lumenis M22


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