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About Us

Oneness is a beauty bar that offers fresh and modern solutions to maintain and take care of your well-being, including both beauty and mindful peace.

Every treatment at Oneness is carefully customised. Our industry leading technologies and pharmaceutical skincare products can help you achieve your goals. 

Treatment packages are also available at a special rate for customers who are after regular treatments.

Maintenance is the key to sustainable skin and body beauty  as we age. Given most skincare solutions can be expensive, and ineffective, Oneness is committed to make skin and body care an easy routine for you by providing fast and affordable, yet most importantly, results driven treatments. 

Visit us regularly and we will bring you radiant, luminous glow that lasts.






隨著年齡的增長,持續護理是保養皮膚和身體的關鍵。 我們明白市面上大多數的美肌美體方案可能價格昂貴而且效果不明顯,因此Oneness致力提供有效率、性價比高的-最重要是-效果顯著的療程,使護理皮膚和身體的療程成為您平常輕鬆的日程。


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