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Testimonial 12 Laser treatment vs Thermage我的客戶.你的見證 系列12- 光學療程VS 電波拉皮?

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

This is an authentic testimonial of our clients and we have obtained their consents to publish.

Enjoying the sunshine lifestyle at Hawaii with a penchant for water sports, Ms Lo doesn’t look like her age. With an accelerated loss of collagen, she is plagued with problems like loose and rough skin, widened pores and yellowing skin.

Of course, being the beauty-conscious person that she is, Ms Lo tried a myriad of treatments. Her previous attempts include Ultherapy and Thermage. With just one session of laser at Oneness, she’s wondering why the effect was so significant when compared to all the things she had tried before!

It all comes down to this – it’s not just the advanced tools, but also the operator’s ability and experience. Oneness got our tools from the leading brand M22, and with their advice, there is no doubt that Ms Lo saw substantial improvement in no time.

Loosen skin broadly includes a loose epidermis, loose muscle or a disconnect between the surface and deeper layers. It takes an experienced beautician to pinpoint the issue and pick the right tool and treatment plan to make it work. Going through the Wonders of Light therapy, all her skin issues are solved in one go, and Ms Lo could enjoy her time in the sun nary a worry!




原因係一個好嘅療程效果,一半取決於儀器優劣,一半取決於操作者能力。今次採用名廠出品M22 ,加上原廠激光技術顧問,當然能夠將功能發揮極致。




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