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Testimonial 3 – An unwelcome house guest: Cellulite 我的客戶.您的見證 - 3.易請難送的橙皮紋......

Updated: May 17, 2019

This is an authentic testimonial of our clients and we have obtained their consents to publish.

The Consumer Council just released an unbelievable finding: anti-cellulite creams from 14 leading brands fail to have any effect. At most, one slightly reduced thigh circumference, but for just very short time. In the end, all these bottles are just glorified moisturisers!

Cellulite is one the trickiest problems to deal with. There is just no way to hide it under the shorts and bikini wardrobe in the summer months! So is there no cure?

Gabriel was once on a steroids course, leading to drastic shifts in body size. This resulted in obvious cellulite marks on her back, and a burdened heart.

Our experienced skin consultant explains that cellulite marks are a form of stretch marks, a shallow-layer scar. As the body grows fat, collagen fibres and elastin crosses over, causing scars.

In our exclusive Rox’s Fractional Laser treatment, the laser heats up localised areas afflicted with marks, allowing the circular healing process to eliminate cellulite all at once. This treatment has the advantages of quick repair and targeted effect. Previous dermabrasion and total resurfacing is rather coarse, with general effect and a long recovery timeframe of 2-3 months. Rox’s treatment is also effective with stretch marks, general scars, wrinkles and acne scars.

In 3 sessions, Gabriel’s cellulite marks has seen demonstrable change to both herself and Oneness. To know more about Rox’s Fractional Laser:

Take your first step in a confident stroll down the beach! Call us at 21114409 or text via WhatsApp at 60111619 to know more.


上個月消委會公佈了一個好得人驚的發現 - 14款國際品牌的抗橙皮紋乳霜並唔可以去除橙皮紋,極其量淨係可以輕微縮減大腿圍、而且效果短暫,甚至同普通body lotion無乜差別,令人大失所望。橙皮紋係皮膚其中一種最難處理的問題,著短褲泳衣的時候更加係搽乜都遮唔到。


Gabriel因為服用類固醇而曾經暴肥暴瘦,背脊留低了好深好明顯的橙皮紋,更加重了佢情緒上的負擔,直到Gabriel遇上了Oneness的Rox's Fractional Laser Treatment:


Oneness用Rox's Fractional Laser Treatment (分段式激光) 的原理係透過傷口以圓形修復的特性,激光在橙皮紋上形成微小的熱凝固區,之後所有的微小熱凝固區會同時修復,從而減淡橙皮紋。療程以最短的時間,帶來最快最好的效果。傳統的激光磨皮未能選擇性地針對疤痕,令恢復期長達兩至三個月。這種嶄新的技術,亦適用於妊娠紋,疤痕修復,皺紋,暗瘡疤痕等等。

經過3次的療程,Gabriel背脊上的橙皮紋已經有明顯的改善,我地見到效果都非常開心!了解更多有關Rox's Fractional Laser -


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