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Testimonial 1 – Hairy mole on a Knoll? 我的客戶.您的見證 - 1.「有根」的癦?

Updated: May 17, 2019

Testimony 1 – Hairy mole on a Knoll?

Sophia has had this protruding knoll – no, MOLE, of 2.5 mm from a tender age. It looks obnoxious and can be easily scratched, leaving her with a bloody face. Her family banned her from undergoing any procedure, as it is right on her neck, and has a hair follicle as well. Only when she met Oneness was she comfortable with removing this mole.

With our “lifetime warranty” for mole removals, Sophia achieved satisfaction in just one visit. Our Ultrapulse CO2 laser has higher accuracy than traditional Cryogen treatments, allowing removal of skin pigments layer by layer, while immediately cauterising the wound. A skin scan after the treatment reveals that all melanin pigments were removed, and as this reached right to the root of the mole, the chance for relapse is nil.

What’s worth mentioning is the common practice with beauty parlours in Hong Kong. Many would suggest a series of sessions for this simple procedure. But with our laser directly targeting the issue, why the repeated visits or the scare for regrowth? Of course, you need to find an experienced beautician to achieve this in one go. Oneness guarantees your peace of mind with our veteran staff and our complementary warranty for post-procedure care.

If you are similarly worried about your hairy mole, please visit for more or ask for a quote through WhatsApp at 60111619.


Sophia由細到大都有呢粒2.5mm突起嘅癦,除左礙眼,佢有時都會抓傷粒癦,甚至流血,但因為家人話粒癦有根加上生在頸上,唔可以脫。直至Sophia遇上Oneness,Oneness嘅脫癦痣療程都係包清連一世保養,所以就作出左第一次嘗試便立刻得到驚喜效果 -



如果你都懷疑你粒癦有根,可以睇下或者快喲whatsapp 我地60111619報價啦!


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