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This restorative and highly concentrated treatment combines technologically advanced ingredients with ground-breaking medical research to target ageing. The cream utilizes an innovative delivery system of rare diamond particles believed to have formed in space. Black diamond particles are microspheres that penetrate the deeper dermal layer of the skin in order to transport three essential youth restoring ingredients: patented NAC Y2 formula, Collagen type I and III and Hyaluronic acid.On a cellular level, the cream regenerates the production of these key cell-fortifying substances in order to restore a youthful appearance.


強效修復、密萃的保濕面霜,引用了嶄新的黑鑽粒子導入系統及結合證明有效治療癌症的醫學研究,相信是在太空上形成的黑鑽石 (或黑晶) 


這些納米黑鑽粒子能輸送獨特的抗衰老成份組合的3種重要成份,滲透至最深層肌膚,延緩衰老,活顏再生,重拾年輕: NAC Y²配方,I型膠原和III和透明質酸。





HK$5,540.00 Regular Price
HK$4,986.00Sale Price
    • Centella Asiatica stimulates the synthesis of collagen type I and III
    • NAC Y2 stimulates the ability of cells to regenerate and boosts the functions of the epidermis
    • Hyaluronic acid protects, captures, and retains moisture
    • ReGeniStem visibly brightens the skin
    • Vitamin E protects against the environmental changes
    • Hydroquinone-free
    • Paraben, paraffin, silicone and sulphate free.



    • 積雪草 - 刺激膠原蛋白I型和III 的合成
    • NAC Y² - 激活細胞再生
    • 透明質酸能保護、注水和鎖水
    • 熊果素亮白肌膚
    • 維他命E - 保護及防止有害環境的影響
    • 不含對苯二酚
    • 不含防腐劑、石蠟、矽油及硫酸鹽
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