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Testimonial 8 – Best mole removal procedures? 我的客戶.您的見證 系列8- 脫𤼎用咩方法好?

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

This is an authentic testimonial of our clients and we have obtained their consents to publish.

What’s your idea of how a mole removal goes about? Chemical treatment? Surgery? Cryotherapy or laser?

Most men have nary a concern for facial blemishes. Yet it can be troubling if facial moles have hair follicles, protrude obtrusively, or grow around one’s jowls. Ben has a mole that is difficult to overlook – one right by his nose. Previous consultation with a facial surgeon suggested a surgical incision for removal, but being worried about the potential of a scar right on his face, Ben didn't go for this route.

Instead, he came to Oneness for CO2 laser for mole removal. Compared to other laser procedures, CO2 laser technology is much more precise in removing epidermal cells layer by layer, leading to a lower chance of scarring or relapse. For parts with thin yet high tension skin, like those surrounding the lips, eyes and nose, incisions may drastically change bone structure and leave scars. Little chance for this to happen with our laser procedure!

Of course, the quality of the procedure also depends on the operator, and not simply a fancy tool. My Clients, Your Witness gives you the best evidence for your trust in our handiwork.









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