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Testimonial 7 – Oneness exclusive: Light therapy for sensitive skin 我的客戶.您的見證 系列7- 獨家原創-敏感皮膚適用的光學療程?

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

This is an authentic testimonial of our clients and we have obtained their consents to publish.

Many find themselves with sensitive skin, especially in the winter months. While it is common to find cosmetics specially formulated for those with such skin qualities, conventional laser treatments are simply a no-no. The already-irritated skin simply cannot take it anymore and it could only lead to lasting damage of the epidermis.

Ms. Au is one of our many clients suffering precisely from this condition. She was previously affected with steroid-depending dermatitis, leading to dry skin, and irritation due to constant trauma from daily makeup. This ends up being a vicious cycle of her having to apply even more makeup to cover up her redness.

Oneness’s Wonders of Light therapy breaks this cycle, allowing sufferers of sensitive skin like Ms. Au to undergo life-changing treatment. With the top AOPT(vas) chip guiding the laser, in just one session, the sensitive skin that has plagued Ms. Au for ages is now under control, and there is evident recovery of skin redness. Wonders of Light wishes to give long term sufferers of drug-induced skin irritation a facial miracle!


好多人都覺得皮膚好敏感?特別係冬天嘅時候,護膚品有好多都係敏感皮膚適用。但係光學療程就萬萬唔做得! 因為激光會更加刺激皮膚,越做越敏感同皮薄。


Oneness 的奇蹟光學療程便打破了傳統激光不能做敏感皮膚的限制,尖端的AOPT(vas) 晶片配合原創的光學誘導技術,一次便控制了皮膚敏感的情況,更修復了皮下發炎的狀態,不論膚質膚色在一次療程後都有明顯改善!





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