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Testimonial 6 – White Knight incoming? 我的客戶 · 您的見證 系列6 -光之美少男?

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

This is an authentic testimonial of our clients and we have obtained their consents to publish.

The pursuit of whiteness has always been a central concern for Hongkongers. With just the word “whitening” appended, any beauty product would jump in price for a few hundred dollars. Yet have you ever seen these external-use products ever achieving their lofty claims? And have you ever wondered why these expensive products never work?

There’s a simple answer. It is simply impossible for any cream or moisturiser, externally applied, to get through the tough epidermis.

While it’s an easy assumption that boys are less concerned about their appearances, their easy-going demeanour doesn’t mean that they don’t care about how they look. More and more men want to look better, but many do not have the will to go for cosmetic surgery or apply regular makeup. With their naturally tanned skin tone, guys still want to look less sickly and more energetic, just to give people a better first impression. Light therapy has the advantage of quick results, and Oneness’s unique “Ultimate Whitening” treatment targets melanin pigments at the deepest layers and dissipates them in no time. In one week, our client this time has achieved his wish of a fairer complexion.

Most guys find it annoying to get into a complicated, multi-step facial routine. With “Ultimate Whitening”, all the effort required is a monthly 30-minute pampering with our beauticians. You can ride into sunset as Prince Charming with the lady of your dreams, with a radiant skin to match!




不過依家男仔都越嚟越貪靚,但未必人人都想做整容,化妝。其實天生皮膚黑又黃,都想皮膚再幼細D,去黃氣,望落去精神啲就都好。光學治療效果就係快速見效,針對黑色素極速打散,Oneness獨家的 “Ultimate Whitening‘’ 療程。今次一星期見效,面上黃氣明顯減淡,真係快過食藥打針!

最重要係,其實男仔都幾怕麻煩同揸好多嘢。一個有效的光學療程都只係需要每月半個小時! 之後啲黑色素就會乖乖地消失⋯


以心極緻操作. 逆齡奇蹟誕生


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