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Testimonial 5: Indestructible Warts?我的客戶.您的見證 系列5 - 脫咗疣又有?

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

This is an authentic testimonial of our clients and we have obtained their consents to publish.

There are just so many ways to charge for wart removals. Some get you to pay spot by spot, and some even by the MINUTE! Sounds like the best business model right? In essence, it is down to the beautician’s judgement call. With warts being “conveniently” regenerative, the beautician can decide how many of them to remove, and expect a return visit in no time.

Ms. Lam was a sad victim of such schemes. She started off paying $10,000 for a “full” removal, only to return 3 months later for a “supplementary” removal that charged her even more, at $14,000. With her stress at work, she was worried that an “additional” removal would be needed again, so she came over to Oneness for an ultimate solution.

Oneness makes the bold promise of including post-removal care in our treatment package. Our prices, considering our expertise and care, are very competitive. Ms. Lam left us feeling refreshed and having a sense of security, knowing that from now on, warts are actually no longer indestructible with Oneness.



林女士就係不同的美容院,經歷左唔同嘅計算方法,用咗$10,000脫一次全面,最後三個月後補脫,反而計得仲多咗,收咗$14,000== 因為工作嘅關係,亦比較容易復發,所以就經網上搵到我哋。


Oneness 脫墨脫𤼎療程


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