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Testimonial 14 – De-dark Spots Express 我的客戶.你的見證 系列14- 袪斑最緊要快

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

This is an authentic testimonial of our clients and we have obtained their consents to publish.

With the booming beauty industry in Mainland China, there is a dearth of reputable beauty parlours offering services. Their packages are not cheap either – one easily questions whether you are getting what you have paid for.

Miss Yip, from Tsing Dao, with the same doubts in mind, comes to Oneness after hearing her friend’s recommendation, to deal with her dark spots and yellowing skin. Indeed, she found that she has found the right place, with Oneness tailoring Wonders of Light Therapy for her. Deploying lasers of varying wavelengths, in just one session, her dark spots and yellowing issues were both solved. To her delight, Miss Yip’s colleagues kept praising her renewed complexion and skin tone!

Our aim is to achieve noticeable effect in the least required time. Wonders of Light Therapy is a tailored programme that fits all kinds of skin types. As with Miss Yip, in just one visit to Oneness, your dream skin tone will be achieved!


葉小姐居住在青島,現在內地醫美盛行,樹立了很多著名的整容醫院,價錢亦不是便宜。購買了療程,但又始終未能建立足夠的信任,故此在朋友介紹下,特地走來Oneness 處理面上的色斑及發黃的皮膚。






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