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Testimonial 10 – The price of Mole Removal 我的客戶.你的見證 系列10 - 脫𤼎價錢與信心

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

This is an authentic testimonial of our clients and we have obtained their consents to publish.

Mole removal is a common procedure, typically completed across multiple sessions. Yet many beauty parlours offer services of subpar quality, and Oneness has taken care of many clients troubled by partial moles left behind from careless beauticians.

In Oneness, we deploy CO2 laser technology to vaporise skin layer by layer, leading to a much more accurate mole removal and a lower chance of scars. To use this tool effectively, the beauticians are required to:

(1) Visually determine the depth of the mole

(2) Vaporise the root of the mole, so as to minimise the chance of regeneration

(3) Remove / keep intact follicles depending on body parts

(4) Understand the characteristics of different skin parts – there’s a significant difference in skin tension across parts like eyelids, lips or cheeks

Even with this state-of-the-art CO2 laser technology, the beautician’s technique and experience cannot be overstated. The client this time first considered average parlours due to cost concerns. The mole in question is right on the eyelid, with the skin one-tenth the thickness of the cheek. With such high difficulty and the potential for a failed procedure, it is no wonder that none of the parlours she consulted with were confident to take on the job.

Oneness loves a challenge and our beauticians have just the right tools and expertise to deal with this mole. After all, our client is waiting to tie the knot, and any kind of mishap might mean a lifetime of trouble. Ultimately, she is very happy with the professional service Oneness provided, and that she was not a scrooge for this important procedure!


脫𤼎係好多人都會考慮嘅一項美容項目,坊間有好多地方都係分開幾次嚟脫,但oneness 就接手好多外邊脫得唔好,脫得唔乾淨嘅例子。


1. 從表面看穿𤼎的深度

2. 以激光氣化𤼎的根部,就可以大大減低再生機會

3. 去除/保留𤼎中的毛囊組織,如髮下,眉中。

4. 了解不同皮膚部位的特性,如眼皮,嘴唇,鼻邊的拉扯張力。

所以激光方法下,手工又佔最重任! 今次眼皮上蓋的𤼎,只有面頰1/10 厚薄,客人之前都有因價錢考慮一般美容院,但經詢問後大部分都唔敢接眼部。反而明白始終用係面上,有可能是一輩子的事,重點係自己又未結婚😆,都係唔好睇唔開!


Oneness 脫墨脫𤼎療程



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