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Testimonial 4 – Who gets to decide? 我的客戶.您的見證 系列 4 - 誰人應決定儀器?

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

This is an authentic testimonial of our clients and we have obtained their consents to publish.

Ms. Keung: Do you guys offer picolaser?

Oneness: Sure! But then, with your condition, you don’t get to choose!

Ms. Keung: What?!

Have you ever tried getting a package treatment only to find that some items are not really for you? You then get convinced for an “upgrade” (of course at a premium), and still not seeing any significant effect. Somehow it seems like it’s the client’s fault for not selecting the right treatment.

Born with a sporty gene, Ms. Keung started her athletic career from primary school. She is blessed with attractive looks, but is equally troubled by the freckles and Lentigo on her face. Seeing promotions which claims that picolaser is the best tool for freckles, she came over to Oneness with this treatment in mind. After going through in-depth skin analysis, we realise that most of her freckles are on the surface. Yet picolaser actually works best with clearing tattoos and deep-layer blemishes! In the end, with our professional judgment tells us to select the best tool for the job: M22 + Pico.

Wonders of Light therapy breaks limitations of traditional treatments and deals with multiple skin issues all at once. Clients may identify up to 3 concerns every time, and our beauticians will select the best laser combination for you.

With just one session, most of Ms. Keung’s freckles have vanished, and Oneness has also given her a round of myofascial massage. She now has clear, effervescent skin with an energetic personality to match!

No longer fret about which treatment you should go for. Leave it to Oneness!





大家有冇試過買咗療程之後,發覺唔啱用?然後就被說服升級到另一部機。然後都唔啱用,然後又升級了⋯買錯儀器好似你錯咁? 😣

姜小姐熱愛運動,由小學開始已經係運動的好手,天生麗質但卻有一點曬班及雀斑。見到廣告,皮秒係最強的去斑儀器,便詢問了我們有沒有皮秒儀器。經過專業的皮膚分析, 其實大部份都係淺層的雀斑。皮秒激光專責處理洗紋身及深層班!反而會比較慢,所以我們選擇了另一台儀器M22 + Pico!




奇蹟光學療程 以心極緻操作.逆齡奇蹟誕生


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