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Chief Clinical Specialist

Gavin Tsoi

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Gavin Tsoi’s natural and unique talent to make things beautiful led him into the aesthetic world. Gavin began his professional career a decade ago as a clinical specialist for a world-renowned manufacturer of light energy-based devices. Gavin developed a solid and in-depth understanding of the skin, laser and light devices from working with some of the best plastic surgeons and dermatologists from around the world.  


Building on his deep expertise and skill mastery, he quickly became a leader in the aesthetic world. Gavin developed a bespoke laser treatment known as the “Wonders of Light Therapy”.  Wonders of Light is an effective and safe facial rejuvenation treatment that uses multiple lasers with a combination of optimal pluses, energy and technique to improve skin’s appearance dramatically and facial flaws safely and consistently.  Unlike traditional laser applications, the treatment can target different layers of skin and conditions in a single treatment, achieving 3-4 times faster results than regular laser treatments.


In 2015, Gavin founded his first aesthetic laser centre, specialising in sensitive skin and combination lasers applications.  He has also developed a testimonial program with more than 4,000 satisfied clients.  


Gavin is committed to fulfil his client’s unique and personal needs by providing excellence, exceptional aesthetics, friendly and personal skincare advice and services.  Either you are frustrated with your skin condition and imperfection or simply looking for new ways to maintain the healthy state of your skin, Gavin will work with you to provide a tailed solution that best suit your skin concern.

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