Chief Clinical Specialist

Gavin Tsoi

After graduating from the University of Hong Kong in 2012, Gavin worked for world renowned laser manufacturer Lumenis, selling professional aesthetics device including Intense Pulsed Light and UltraPulse CO2 laser. Gavin’s clients include private hospitals, plastic surgeon dermatologists.  Gavin also actively participated APEC symposium. 


In 2015, Gavin founded his first aesthetic laser centre, specialised in  sensitive skin and combination lasers applications, remarkably launched a testimonial program with more than 2000 clients. Gavin was continuously invited by Europe leading laser company to offer his training and techniques. 


Despite the pursuit of advanced laser technology, Gavin determines to seek what unify the inner and outer beauty/ satisfaction. For Oneness spa and facial service, he introduced Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing and Ayurveda system to deepen therapeutic healings and sensualise the inner dimension of spirituality.